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Garage Door Company

Garage Door Company

We have unmatched expertise in residential overhead garage door services and promise quick response

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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

We offer excellent maintenance services for garage doors including openers and remotes.

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Garage Door Replacement and Installation

Garage Door Replacement and Installation

We ensure safe operation with proper garage door installation and fast replacement of damaged parts

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Superb service providers of roll up garage door replacement

Tips on maintaining different types of garage doors outlined in the following information. For your perusal.

Maintain according to manufacturer’s instructions

Every garage door comes with a manual composed of the manufacturer’s instructions. The type of cleaning to be done along with the maintenance procedures to be followed should fit according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Failure to follow such instructions carefully may risk the quality of your door, as what is often emphasized by the experts at Garage Door Repair Silverdale.

Keep batteries available

The remote control of your garage door will eventually stop working once it runs out of battery. You would not want to stop the function of your garage door just because of that. Therefore, Garage Door Repair Silverdale highly recommends keeping an extra set of batteries that you can use as replacements when needed.

Things to check if your garage door won’t open

When your garage door refuses to open there are a number of simple issues to check which could potentially correct the issue. Garage Door Repair Silverdale recommends firstly, checking if there is power.  This is one of the most common causes of faults, so check the system is plugged in and the breaker isn’t overloaded. Secondly, check for any broken or loose components especially springs, rollers or tracks which will need replacement.

Beat garage door prices to the ground

Certainly, different materials and sizes would have different costs, but you can find ways to stick to your budget while not settling on quality. If you have a limited financial ability, choose a door of the same characteristics as the previous one to avoid replacing springs and openers.

Replace the worn rollers

The truth is that garage door rollers are not worn easily but they must be replaced immediately if they do. The experts of our company in Silverdale say that nylon rollers will wear down faster because they are not as strong as steel ones. Plus they are more expensive and, thus, you should prefer steel rollers that might last up to thirty years with good maintenance.

Garage door cable replacement

Buy the cable that matches the property and length of your old cables. Do not forget to remove the springs before replacing the cables for your safety. Place it in the right direction and wait for winding to be completed. Our specialists are equipped with all the tools needed for cable replacement.

Repainting your door is very important

Garage door maintenance is not limited to lubricating and cleaning garage door parts. This is particularly true with steel garage doors where the threat of rusting is very real. Be sure that your door is well painted. Regular touching up can prove to be a wise step to ensure your door is rust free.

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